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Drawn With Loving Kindness
Drawn With Loving Kindness
Drawn With Loving Kindness
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When I began to write “Drawn With Loving Kindness”, the number one question I had was, “Father, is it possible to Restore the First Covenant Relationship?” The Holy Spirit led me to Jeremiah 31:3, just as the Lord loved me with an everlasting love, and He drew me with loving kindness, so shall I love others with an everlasting love, and draw them with loving kindness. From this revelation I chased His Word through the Holy Bible until I found His promises.

The Lord, He is a God of order. If positive changes are to come to the First Covenant Relationship, the Lord will call to the husband first. (Genesis 3:9, and Luke 1:17)

Second, if the husband fails to answer the Lord’s call, He will call to the wife next. (Exodus 4:20-26, 1Samuel 25:18-39, 1Peter 3:1, and Hebrews 11:35)

And thirdly, (this next revelation surprised me the most), if both the husband and his wife fail to respond to the Lord’s call, the Lord, Himself will provide a lamb. He will call to the children of divorce. (2Peter 3:9, 1Kings 11:36, Ezekiel 18:14, 2Corinthians 5:18, and Luke 23:34)

Because I asked the Lord for wisdom, it was given to me by the Holy Spirit to study Proverbs 31:10-31. I was asked to meditate on these verses day and night so that I would be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then would I prosper and succeed in all I did.

It is my sincere prayer, that after you have read “Drawn With Loving Kindness” you too will know that the Lord has a pattern written in the Holy Bible for the Restoration of the First Covenant Relationship, and that pattern is drawn with lovingkindness.